Infographic - Small Business Health Insurance Trends

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Originally published on October 18, 2013. Last updated May 13, 2014.

What do small businesses want in health insurance, and what is their understanding of how health reform impacts their business?

Here is an interesting infographic summarizing a recent small business health insurance survey

  • Only 44% of small businesses understood health care reform’s employer mandate correctly. Beginning in 2015, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires businesses with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees to either offer employees’ health insurance or pay a fee. This does not apply to businesses with fewer than 50 employees -- but 56% think it does apply to them, or are confused by this requirement.

  • Only 18% of small businesses believe they can confidently define or explain what a health insurance exchange is, and 62% admit to not understanding exchanges at all. 

  • Why offer health insurance? Nearly a third of small businesses (31%) say the number one reason they offer health insurance is to recruit talented workers. And, 44% say they offer health insurance because of moral obligation.

  • Are small businesses planning on dropping insurance in 2014? Most (67%) said no, 27% said maybe, and 6% said yes. Of course, most small businesses (~65%) don't offer health insurance currently.

Disclaimer: The views represented in this infographic does not necessarily reflect the views of Zane Benefits, its staff, or its affiliate partners. Source is listed below.

small employer health care reform survey

Source: eHealth Blog

Is this a good representation of how small businesses understand health insurance and health reform? Do you think these stats have changed over the last few months? Leave a comment below.


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Originally published on October 18, 2013. Last updated May 13, 2014.


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