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10 (More) Tweetable ObamaCare Q&A's

Written by: Christina Merhar
October 23, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Previously, we posted 10 Tweetable ObamaCare Q&A's. We asked for input via comments and twitter to help us get to get to 20. We had great feedback. Here are 10 more tweetable ObamaCare questions, answered in 140 characters or less. 


tweetable obamacare tips part 2

11. Does my employer have to provide health insurance?

No. But in 2015 larger employers (50+ FTE) will either provide health coverage to full-time employees or else pay a tax penalty. Tweet this answer!

Read more about whether your employer has to provide health insurance here.


12. Will buying health insurance in 2014 be easier to understand?

That's the idea. Plans are offered in standard coverage levels, called metallic tiers of coverage, and costs will be more clearly displayed. Tweet this answer!

Read more about how to choose a health insurance plan here.


13. I'm on Medicare. Can I shop on the health insurance exchange?

No. Medicare is not part of the public exchanges and Medigap policies are not being sold or subsidized through the exchanges. Tweet this answer!

Read more about who will shop on the health insurance marketplaces here.


14. Will my employer cut back on my insurance coverage?

Employers are overhauling health insurance to deal with costs and offer better benefits. Some are changing plans, others using defined contribution. Tweet this answer!

Read more about how defined contribution works for employees.


15. Do small businesses have to shop at the exchange to cover employees?

No. The 'SHOP' is a new option for small group health insurance. There's no requirement for small businesses (< 50 EEs) to offer health insurance. Tweet this answer!

Read more about the SHOP and other small business health insurance options.


16. If my employer offers me insurance, can I shop on the exchange to get a better deal?

Yes. If your employer offers coverage, you can opt to buy a plan on the exchange. But most likely you won't be eligible for a subsidy. Tweet this answer!

Read more common FAQs about the marketplaces here.


17. If I am buying coverage on my own, do I have to buy it on the exchange?

No. You can shop for qualified coverage on or off the exchange. However, discounts ("subsidies") are only for plans sold on the exchange. Tweet this answer!

Read more about the health insurance subsidies here.


18. What if I can't afford the premiums?

ObamaCare provides fairly generous subsidies for many people buying their own insurance, lowering what you pay for monthly premiums. Tweet this answer!

Look up if you qualify for the health insurance subsidies here.


19. Can I wait until I get sick to sign up for insurance?

No. You can't just sign up when you're sick and facing big medical bills. Otherwise that's what everyone would do. There's a new open enrollment period. Tweet this answer!

Read more about the health insurance open enrollment periods here.


20. What if I miss the open enrollment period to sign up for insurance?

If you've had a qualifying event, you may be able to sign up. If not, you will need to wait until open enrollment to buy a qualified health plan. Tweet this answer!

Read more about special enrollment periods here.


What ObamaCare questions do you have? Leave a comment below or tweet a question to @ZaneBenefits

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