Illinois Optometric Office Uses ZaneHealth to Avoid High Group Health Care Costs

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Originally published on November 24, 2012. Last updated October 26, 2020.

Business Info:

Drs. Distin & Doyle is a complete general optometric practice with offices in Monmouth and Aledo, Illinois. Serving these communities for over 30 years, Drs. Distin & Doyle provide extensive experience in family vision care, annual dilated eye examination for diabetics, cataract or LASIK evaluation and co-management, foreign body removal, children’s vision care, glaucoma treatment, occupational or athletic eyewear, treatment of eye infection, and eye glasses repair. 




Contact Name:

Mary Distin, Administrator

The Challenge:

With over 30 years of experience in administering an employee healthcare plan, Drs. Distin & Doyle know firsthand the challenge of balancing benefits options with a limited budget. In early 2010, it was decided that a new health care solution was needed that was competitive for employees and affordable. 

The Solution:

Drs. Distin & Doyle partnered with Zane Benefits in May 2010 to offer employees ZaneHealth, a defined contribution health plan. Employees now receive tax-free funds for private insurance premium expenses. Additionally, Drs. Distin & Doyle list these funds as a tax deductible expense, saving the business on health care costs. 

Mary Distin, Office Administrator, states, “ZaneHealth has created cost savings for our office and employees. The growing group health care costs were too high for our office. A 'pure' defined contribution solution was perfect for our needs. We’ve had a great experience with the Zane staff, and using their website for claims submissions. The simple administration is well enjoyed.”

Measurable Results:

  • After 30 years of increasing health care costs, Drs. Distin & Doyle now use ZaneHealth as their long term, fixed cost health benefits solution
  • Both the business and employees have enjoyed health care savings through a defined contribution approach
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Originally published on November 24, 2012. Last updated October 26, 2020.


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