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Originally published on November 12, 2012. Last updated October 26, 2020.

Business Health Insurance - 2012 Election Impact

The 2012 reelection of President Obama has brought certainty and clarity to the U.S. business health insurance market. Finally, employers and their health insurance brokers have the information they need to make the best decision for their business and their employees regarding employee health benefits for 2013 and beyond.

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Attend the Following Training Sessions On-Demand:

introduction to zanehra

Introduction to ZaneHRA for Insurance Agents and CPAs

With ZaneHRA, employers offer a defined contribution health plan in which they make available monthly contributions ("allowances") that employees choose how to spend. Watch Webinar On Demand


zanehra software demo

ZaneHRA Software Demo

The ZaneHRA software allows an employer to offer health benefits in less than 5 minutes per month. Watch Webinar On Demand


qualifying prospects for zanehra

Finding and Qualifying Prospects for ZaneHRA Training

Companies that typically setup ZaneHRA either do not offer group health insurance currently or are canceling an existing health benefits program. Learn how to find businesses that need ZaneHRA! Watch Webinar On Demand


Introduction to GroupHRA

Introduction to GroupHRA for Insurance Agents and CPAs

With GroupHRA, employers reduce the premium on their current group policy by increasing employee exposure (e.g. raising the deductible). GroupHRA works best for companies that offer group health insurance and want to save money without canceling (or reducing) employee coverage. Watch Webinar On Demand

Zane Product Updates

Zane Benefits HRA Product Updates - November 2012

"With the election results I feel compelled to let businesses know about the ZaneHRA solution." - Zane Client

With the recent election results, the healthcare reform initiatives are top of mind for business owners across the country.  As a Zane Benefits’ client, you are among the most educated employers when it comes to health care reform.  We encourage you to share the knowledge gained from using a ZaneHRA.  Business owners are seeking for the opportunity you enjoy each day.

Claim Documentation Requirements Per IRS Code

When submitting a claim, the IRS requires 5 key pieces of information to document an eligible expense for a participant's HRA. These include the following: Recipient Name, Date of Service, Service Provider, Provider Name, and Amount of the Expense. Zane Benefits has created a resource that references each documentation requirement with it's cooresponding IRS publication. 

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New Help & Support Center for Employers and Employees

Zane Benefits is excited to announce our new Help & Support Center! This helpful new resource is a central location for you to access tutorials, submit a support ticket, and give us your ideas and feedback. If you have a question or suggestion for us, this is the place to go.

Originally published on November 12, 2012. Last updated October 26, 2020.


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