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A Small Business Success Story - Hint: It Starts with Employee Benefits

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
April 28, 2015 at 3:25 PM

Business Info:

Foothills Vet HospitalFoothills Veterinary Hospital has two locations in Piedmont and Greenville, South Carolina. They are a client-centered veterinary hospital who believes in caring for people by caring for their pets. Foothills Veterinary Hospital strives to provide comprehensive, proactive wellness plans, thorough medical diagnostics and therapeutics, and advanced surgical techniques.




Veterinary Services

Contact Name:

Dr. Daniel C. Randall, Owner

The Challenge:

Foothills Veterinary Hospital was struggling when Dr. Randall first purchased the business. Dr. Randall new that growing meant attracting the best and the brightest. This could not center around just a paycheck. Employee benefits plays an important part, but quickly found group health insurance prices and participation requirements made the search difficult. 

The Solution:

In January 2011, Dr. Randall established a defined contribution plan with Zane Benefits. With ZaneHealth, he now has a health benefit plan that allows him to reimburse his employees for their individual health insurance premiums. This was a much more flexible arrangement and at a cost his practice could afford. 

Dr. Randall stated, “My employees were able to go to the doctor and get insurance and pay their premiums, which ultimately leads to a healthier workforce. It helps with absenteeism and with stability in general. We went with Zane Benefits because I was scared to death of getting wedded to one particular little small group insurance plan. I had a really hard time getting enough participation with the employees in the clinic to even make it feasible for us to be a small group.”


  • Dr. Randall grew his veterinary practice, in part, by creating a healthy work environment for his employees. This includes offering quality health benefits.

  • Individual health insurance offers Dr. Randall’s employees the flexibility to choose their own plan with great coverage. With ZaneHealth, Dr. Randall can now afford to help his employees by providing reimbursement for their premiums.

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