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Growth of Individual Health Insurance & Real-Time Claim Tracking

Written by: JD Cleary
May 21, 2012 at 9:52 AM

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The Growth of Individual Health Insurance - 2000s to Today

Individual health insurance, which used to cost much more than employer-sponsored group insurance, now costs healthy new applicants 1/2 the price of comparable employer-sponsored group policies in 45 states.  And, if health care reform stands, in 2014, most individuals and families will receive a massive subsidy from the federal government to buy individual health insurance through an exchange.

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Zane Product Updates, Content and Training

Real-Time Employee Claim Tracking

From submission, to receipt, to review and approval, employees receive email notifications through every step of the claims process.

Why HRAs Will Become the Foundation of Employee Health Benefits

For employers who offer group insurance, HRAs will become the front-end delivery vehicle of primary health benefits for fully-insured and self-insured plans. For employers who cannot afford a group health plan, HRAs are becoming the basis of a defined contribution health plan that enables millions of employees to purchase individual/family health insurance policies directly from an insurance company.

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Defined Contribution Weekly Sales Tip...

Employer Case Study - Group Plan Too Expensive, Employer Needs Group Health

GroupHRA allows employers to save on the cost of offering a group health plan without reducing employee coverage.

The most common approach to designing a GroupHRA plan is to mimick the employer's current group health plan and have the GroupHRA allowance amounts to kick in after the old deductible is met.

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