Health Care Reform Funding by State

April 16, 2012

According to a recent report by Kaiser Family Foundation, $12.1 billion has been funded to governmental and private entities for health care reform. The following is an overview of how that funding has been proportioned:

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States with Most Funding for Health Care Reform

  1. California - $1.143B

  2. New York - $899M

  3. Michigan - $815M

  4. Texas - $743M

  5. New Jersey - $661M

States with least Funding for Health Care Reform

  1. North Dakota - $22M

  2. Wyoming - $22M

  3. South Dakota - $25M

  4. Vermont - $49M

  5. New Hampshire - $50M

Private Vs. Governmental Funding for Health Care Reform

The report cites that private entities have been provided with 67% ($8.1B) of available dollars while governments (state and local) have been provided with 33% ($4B). Distribution between private and government funding, however, was not found to be consistent by state.

How Health Care Reform has Been Funded to Date

The highest percentage (47%) of funding for health care reform has come from new employer programs and tax credits such as the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP). Private Insurance and Exchange (22%) and Medicaid and Medicare (8%) were the second and third largest sources of funding for health care reform, respectively.

Click here to read the Kaiser report.


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