ACA Exchanges: Which Health Insurance Companies are Coming Out Ahead?

Written by: Christina Merhar
Originally published on January 30, 2014. Last updated October 26, 2020.

One of the core ideas of the ACA health insurance exchanges was to increase competition between health insurance companies, drive down costs, and give consumers more choices. While the results are mixed (and vary largely state by state), which insurance companies are coming out ahead?

The Huffington Post recently provided a look at the individual health insurance market share in Rhode Island, California, Connecticut, New York, Nevada, Minnesota, Washington, and Massachusetts. According to their analysis, states with one or two health insurance companies dominating the market in 2011 aren't budging much in 2014 - such as in Rhode Island and Connecticut. However, states with a more competitive market in 2011 such as New York, Washington, and Massachusetts are seeing increased market diversity in 2014.

Here's a look at the individual health insurance market share in 2011 and 2014 in eight states. 

Rhode Island Market Share









According to the Huffington Post, the 2011 data is from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the current (2014) data is compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The market share comparisons are imprecise, because companies can still sell to individuals outside of the individual health insurance exchanges in most states.

Analysis and Images Source: Huffington Post.

Originally published on January 30, 2014. Last updated October 26, 2020.


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