7 New Year's Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Written by: PeopleKeep Team
Originally published on December 31, 2014. Last updated July 9, 2015.

New Year's Eve - a time we can all re-commit ourselves to be better. But have you ever heard of making resolutions for your small business? I sure haven’t. So, I’ve come up with seven New Year’s resolutions for you to make as a small business owner. Commit to them for just three months and you’ll be amazed what happens to your small business.

New Year's Resolution #1 - A Better Attitudesylvester-569540_640

You and your employees might already have an amazing attitude, but if you don’t, this is the year to fix it. A good attitude is contagious, good for productivity, and will lead to successful and hopeful work days in your small business. It all starts with you.

New Year's Resolution #2 - Healthy Business and Employees

You might be thinking, “a healthy business?” Yep, that’s right! What do I mean? As a small business owner, you’ve seen the ups and downs, but for 2015, you’re going to aim for a much healthier business. This means healthier lifestyles, and a healthier business (ex: debt-wise). Implement company health challenges, and find ways to start paying off company debts that you may be putting off.  

New Year's Resolution #3 - De-Junking

In our personal lives, we sometimes have to get rid of junk, right? It’s no different for a business. Just as we seem to accumulate junk over the years, so does your small business. As the owner, you can easily de-junk, too. How? It’s easy. Take a day and have everyone start going through what needs to go and what needs to stay. Doing so will free up space, and can even prevent accidents from too much clutter. Cleaner is always better.

New Year's Resolution #4 - A Helping Hand

Ever heard of karma? Some may call it the “Golden Rule” as well. Whatever you want to call it, helping others is a good way to incorporate success into your small business. Make it part of your culture by doing little things for your employees. Eventually, they’ll also start to help each other out in the little ways that count. Plus, you’ll be more unified as a company.

New Year's Resolution #5 - The Best You Can Offer Your Employees

As a small business owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your employees. That means offer them the best that you can. Why? If you want to keep them around, you’ll need to make various benefits and perks part of your company’s culture. For instance, make 2015 the year you offer affordable health benefits to your employees, start team building activities, and offer bonuses for increased productivity. This can all be done on a budget, too.

New Year's Resolution #6 - Become an Employer of Choice

I know, an “Employer of Choice” (EOC) may be something new to you, but your small business can become the company to work for. How? As you incorporate New Year’s resolution number five and offer the best you can to your employees, you’ll become the small business owner to work for. Of course, there is more to it, but offering what your employees need and want is a starting point.

To learn how to become an Employer of Choice, click here.

New Year's Resolution #7 - Open New Doors to Expand

I know what it’s like, you can become complacent in your ways - even comfortable. But, as a small business owner you’ve got to understand something: you have a whole world out there to expand into. So, what should you do for 2015? Expand! Find new doors for your small business that you haven’t opened and have no fear. Try new things, be bold. It’s easy to be stagnate, but it’s more exciting to try new things. After all, you’re used to the unknown - you started a small business. You can become bigger and better than you thought.  

Here's Your Challenge

So, are you up to the challenge? Decide now to make these resolutions an everyday part of your small business. You’ll see success and new doors will open like you’ve never seen before.

Here’s to 2015 and your small business’s success!

What else are you planning for your small business in 2015? We’d love to hear it, comment below.


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Originally published on December 31, 2014. Last updated July 9, 2015.


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