5 Alarming Small Business Habits You Need to Stop Today

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Originally published on May 12, 2015. Last updated February 12, 2018.

So, you’ve been working long hours, putting in late nights, and basically giving your heart and soul to your new business. But for some reason, you’re just not seeing the growth and results you were anticipating. Simply put, you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong and it’s frustrating.

Does this sound familiar? If you’ve asked yourself the question, “What am I doing wrong?”, we have some answers for you. You may have poor business practices that you didn’t know were causing problems. This article will help you identify the bad habits that may be holding your business back from success. Below are 5 small business tips that can take your small business from good to great!

Bad Habit #1 - Working Late Into the NightBreaking_bad_habits_to_help_your_business_succeed

Frequently, 24 hours in a day simply does not feel like enough time to get everything done. But this, in no way, means you should be using most of those hours to work. Do you ever find yourself working 8 hours and then going home, only to work another 6 or so? This is your first bad habit to break.

Studies show that sleeping less than five hours a day doubles your risk of heart attack or stroke. Scientific evidence also shows that people who work too much are at risk for developing depression. Perhaps you are not the one working excessive hours, but it may be your employees who are. It’s not a good idea to compromise anybody’s health for the sake of the business. Work hard at work and then take the necessary time to recuperate and recharge.

Bad Habit #2 - Thinking Blogs are For Moms and Not for Your Business

It’s true that blogs used to be thought of as a way to pass the time for at-home parents, people who love cooking, or gardening enthusiasts, for example - an online journal of sorts. Things have changed! Blogs are now the way companies perfect their inbound marketing.

In fact, 93% of marketers use blogs for content marketing. Blogs are an excellent way to boost search engine optimization, develop relationships with your readers, and establish yourself online as an authoritative and credible site. Furthermore, when you publish content on your small business blog, you are giving your customers the opportunity to share it with their friends. This means you’re getting your name in circulation which can easily translate into new business.

Bad Habit #3 - Offering Extremely Expensive Health Benefits

Did you know that 75 percent of employees prefer cash over health insurance? For a long time, group health insurance was the primary way that employers provided health benefits. This is simply not the case any longer. New options are now available for your small business. Consider these:

Bad Habit #4 - Ignoring Mobile Marketing

If you thought blogs were for moms, chances are you think mobile marketing is only for millennials, right? Wrong! It’s for you, it’s for everyone, and it is highly effective.

Surprisingly, 98 percent of small businesses do not have mobile-optimized sites. This is a huge business faux pas in this day and age. Don’t pass up the opportunity to reach the 86 million Americans who use their smartphones to access retail information and 62 percent who use them shop at least once a month.

Allowing your customers to reach you from their mobile device is an absolute must these days. Break your bad habit by ensuring that your website is smartphone accessible. Make it a priority to make any changes needed to implement mobile marketing.

Bad Habit #5 - Being Afraid to Trust Your Employees to Make Decisions

You’re in charge of your small business. It’s your baby and your labor of love. But realistically, you can’t do it all on your own.

You’ve hired good people, now your job is to let them do their job. You can’t be there 24/7 so it’s wise to rely on the qualified people you’ve selected. Perhaps you’re not relying on the workers you have because you haven’t been able to attract exemplary employees. Consider making changes to your business that will recruit and retain top notch employees you can trust.


Breaking a few bad habits is simple but can have a dramatic effect on your small business. Remember to work regular hours, create a blog to bring in new business, eliminate expensive health benefits, embrace mobile marketing, and develop trust with your employees. With these small business tips, your company is headed towards success!

What other bad habits should small business owners break to help their business succeed? Add your ideas below and let's discuss!

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Originally published on May 12, 2015. Last updated February 12, 2018.


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